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Fault diagnosis steps of hydraulic system of automatic moulding machine

Fault diagnosis steps of hydraulic system of automatic moulding machine

There are many faults in the hydraulic system of the automatic molding machine. For example, oil pollution may cause the hydraulic control system’s working pressure, flow or direction to malfunction, and bring a great difficulty to the hydraulic system’s fault diagnosis. The next step is to share the diagnosis steps.

1. General principles of fault diagnosis

The hydraulic system failure of most molding machines does not happen suddenly. We always have such a warning before failure. If this warning is not heeded, it will cause a certain degree of malfunction during the development process. The reasons for the failure of the hydraulic control system are many, not a random one. In order to quickly and accurately diagnose system faults, fully understand the characteristics and laws of hydraulic faults.

2. Check the working and living environment of the hydraulic control system

The hydraulic system of the molding machine needs to work normally, and a certain working environment and working conditions are required as a platform. Therefore, at the beginning of the fault diagnosis, we must first judge and determine whether the working and living conditions of the hydraulic control system and the environmental problems of the surrounding countries are normal, and promptly correct the unqualified working and learning environment and conditions.

3. Determine the area where the fault occurs

When judging the location of the fault, the relevant faults in the area should be determined according to the fault phenomenon and characteristics, gradually narrow the scope of the fault, analyze the cause of the fault, find the specific location of the fault, and simplify the complex problems.

4. Establish a good operation record

Fault diagnosis is based on running records and some information system design parameters. The establishment of system operation records is an important basis for preventing, discovering and handling failures. Establishing an analysis table for equipment failure problems can help companies quickly determine failure phenomena.

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